About Us

About Us

Lynton Holiday holds a unique number of collections which indicates that we can serve you with beautiful holiday apartments Blackpool Promenade. When you fancy a royal stay during your holidays then Lynton provides you the perfect break you’ve been longing for. We present thousands of apartments according to your requirements.

A first-class service for holiday Apartments Blackpool Promenade

For over many years, Lynton Holiday has been providing a first-class service for holiday Apartments Blackpool Promenade, to our customers, helping people find their perfect apartments. You can have complete peace of mind away from your home. We are situated at Blackpool Promenade and other surrounding areas.

With us, you get an opportunity to truly identify what is out there for you when it comes to holiday lettings in the UK. You will be truly amazed by our superior quality of rooms and they are amazingly affordable.

Never has it been so easy to experience a city as locals do. It is now totally suitable to rent short term apartments in Blackpool and see more of the world in the most authentic way possible. Currently, we have many lettings available across the UK for you to enjoy your stay at an affordable price.

Lynton offers a large and high-quality range of holiday accommodation which comes as luxury apartments; you are guaranteed the best price across all of our destinations. Renting is now easier than ever as you can search and book directly from the comfort of your own home. For any questions, specific requests or to book via telephone, simply call our support team – please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

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