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3 major differences between hotels and holiday apartments that you must know

The debate on whether hotels are better or the holiday apartments is a never-ending one. While there are people who will be vying for the luxury of hotels, there are some who will always stick to the ‘homeliness’ of Holiday apartments. However, with time, these apartments are gaining more support from travel enthusiasts who are looking for places to stay. The experience of staying in holiday apartments is quite different from staying in regular hotels. There is a difference in experience, in the price and in the very concept of vacation.

Here are the major differences between a hotel stay and a holiday apartment vacation:

• The stay in the apartments is more of a personal one, where you get to cook, prepare the desserts and sit with the entire family for that much-anticipated dinner. The raw materials you have are mostly sourced from the local markets which are perfectly fresh. It is quite encouraging for the more health-conscious guests, who prefer organic fresh local produce. In the hotels, things are more formal where you order the food and eat it while taking care that you do not stain the bedspread.

• In an apartment stay you can either opt for getting the cleaning service done or you can be on your own; privacy will always be in your own hand. This is not always possible in a hotel where the staff will have to come to your room for cleaning.

• There is a limit to the number of people that can be accommodated in hotel rooms. If you are out for a group holiday with family or friends, it is always better to book holiday apartments where there are community spaces like drawing rooms and dining areas.

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