Can Apartments in Blackpool Promenade Support You with a Kid-Friendly Staycation?

Have you visited Blackpool yet? If not, organise your next holiday with your family when the lockdown is over. Make a plan to visit the scenic seaside resort on the Irish Sea coast of England. Discover the incredible Lancashire county by staying at affordable apartments Blackpool Promenade in the heart of the town.

What Makes Holiday Apartments Blackpool Promenade the Best Choice? 

From farm holiday cottages to well-furnished holiday apartments in Blackpool Promenade, there are some great benefits of choosing self-catered accommodation on your holiday.


Holiday apartments are certainly cheaper than hotels, and you can stay as per your convenience. If you’re travelling especially with your kids, self-catering apartments in Blackpool are the best options.


Self-catering apartments Blackpool Promenade usually have large lounges, sitting space, dining hall, games rooms, and also outdoor areas to relax and replenish energy. 

What Makes Blackpool Popular Among Tourists? 

Blackpool is one of the most popular and visited seaside resorts in the UK. It welcomes millions of overseas travellers as well as local and domestic visitors, including families every year.

With a wealth of things to see, do, and experience, it is no surprise that the place gets crowded throughout the year. 

Though the pandemic situation has affected the tourism sector a lot, we are looking forward to hosting even more guests once things get settled. 

Blackpool Promenade is a popular example of an English coastal holiday spot and is famous beyond the international boundaries.

With the iconic tower, promenade, piers and miles of sandy beaches, Blackpool is the best place to enjoy cultural hotspots, classic heritage sites, as well as chilled out events. 

Book your stay at any ace holiday apartments Blackpool Promenade to soak in the excellent tourist attraction or explore the hidden treasures the resort has to offer.

Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Blackpool Promenade

If you are planning a holiday with your kids, add some places in your checklist that will make your children happy and content. 

Blackpool Zoo – An Amazing Animal Kingdom 

Take your children to walk on the wild side of the sea resort and let them watch some of the world’s most creepy animals live. Including the gentle giraffes and the terrifying tigers as well as the charming apes, Blackpool puts the whole animal kingdom at your feet. 

Kids will enjoy watching gorillas grooming each other fondly or the cute tiger cubs wrestling uproariously or the screeching parrots traveling through the air with brilliant displays of colour. 

The Blackpool zoo is home to some of Africa’s most majestic species, which amazes everyone, starting from the elders to the toddlers.

Sea Life Centre – Magnificent Marine Life 

Conquer your fear to tick off your lifelong ambition. Zip up your diving suit and dip your toes into the shark-filled waters of the Sea Life Centre. Hold your breath and feel the thrill as streamlined sharks slalom through the water towards you, judging you with their cold beady eyes.

You have the safer option of enjoying marine life by standing firmly on the safe side of the glass. Your children will enjoy the uncontrolled excitement as rays beat the glasses wildly during feeding time. 

Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Endless Seaside Fun & Thrills

Strap yourself and your kids in and hold on tight to bask in the adrenaline rushing vertical tower of the Ice Blast ride at 80 mph or in the ghost train spooked by ghouls popping out. Try out the terrifying ‘Big One’ – the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster when it first opened, a ride that rises above Blackpool like a shark’s fin. People can hear the riders screaming with their hearts out for miles around. Ever since opening it kept drawing thrill-seekers.  

Sandcastle Waterpark – Splashing Merriment for All

Sandcastle Waterpark is Blackpool’s best indoor water park to cool off, regardless of the weather. With steep slides and rubber ring rides, this beautiful water park splashes merriment on all, including the kids and the parents. 

From a spaghetti tangle of winding slides to warm wave pools or the gentle lazy rivers, Sandcastle Waterpark has something for every kid and the adults too.

It’s been a long time the pandemic has disturbed our lifestyle. But a holiday is the thing that can make a refreshing come back to the daily chores. Let’s plan a holiday and hope for the best to make it happen shortly. Contact Lynton Holiday apartments on Blackpool Promenade for a happy family holiday as soon as possible.